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Methods for disaggregation and reaggregation of gas consumption

In a different application, disaggregation of natural gas consumption data has attracted attentions in the recent years. A statistical Time Series Disaggregation (TSD) method is proposed for disaggregation and reaggregation of gas consumption data...

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Steps to avoid virus attacks or to protect yourself if you have already been the victim of a ransomware attack.

On July 28th the FBI released a Flash Alert on a new ransomware variant called Locky. This variant uses spam campaigns to distribute malicious files that download and execute code capable of encrypting files on the local pc and network file stores....

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A security plan for network protection and threat assessment

A network security plan proposal is what the institution requires to meet the security requirements for its network operation. Baker, (2001) stated that network plan needs to postulate the people, time and other important raw materials that are...

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Common Authentication Methods Used for Network Security

In 2002, Clarke et al. suggested the usage of camera-based devices as an option but more secured authentication technique for critical transactions with untrusted computers. With the explosive growth in the number of camera-equipped smart phones...

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Security management: the Network and Information Security Agency

IntroductionInformation serves as the key resource for any organization. It is of critical importance for the company welfare to assure the safe progress from the point of its creation and over the course of destruction [1]. The management of...

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Brain Functional Connections: Graph Theory and Complex Systems Quantifying Topologies of The Network Approach

Several studies have revealed that cerebral ischemia could lead to reversible disruption of functional connections both locally and remote to the lesion. Brain functional connections has been described using graph theory, an approach which depicts...

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The CipherSuite for Cryptographic Algorithms

The CipherSuite inventory that hold the groupings of cryptographic algorithms bear through the client. CompressionMethod  A list of compression algorithms supported by the client. The server responds with a server hello message in answer...

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