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Cleaning Procedure for all glassware

2.4.2 Cleaning Procedure for all glasswareUsing ethanol on a paper tissue to remove any markings and labels.Rinse three times with tap water in washbasin.Rinse three times with milli-q water.Rinse at least three times with 5050 HNO3Milli-Q water...

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Argumented Dickey Fuller Test.

While in the Dickey Fuller test it was assumed that the ut was uncorrelated. Therefore Argumented Dickey Fuller Test was developed. This test conducts by argumenting the three equations by adding the lagged values of the dependent variable. This...

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Methods for disaggregation and reaggregation of gas consumption

In a different application, disaggregation of natural gas consumption data has attracted attentions in the recent years. A statistical Time Series Disaggregation (TSD) method is proposed for disaggregation and reaggregation of gas consumption data...

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Abilities of prototyping companies

Regardless if you are doing design, prototyping, or manufacturing, there are numerous companies out there who will help you develop and manufacture your plastic and metal items. They usually have a diverse range of prototype abilities, routinely...

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The effects of blade angles on the performance of regenerative blowers

II. IntroductionRegenerative blowers are used generally in many extensive ranges of utilization. These include pneumatic conveying, sewage aeration, aquaculture aeration, vacuum packaging, vacuum lifting, packaging equipment, printing presses, spas...

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