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Receivable Period

Receivable PeriodReceivables days tells the time taken by the customer to clear unsettled transaction or monetary obligation owed to a company.The shorter the receivable days the better it is as investment in receivable has cost. An additional cost...

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Abilities of prototyping companies

Regardless if you are doing design, prototyping, or manufacturing, there are numerous companies out there who will help you develop and manufacture your plastic and metal items. They usually have a diverse range of prototype abilities, routinely...

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Advantage of ERP systems

Advantage of ERP systemsThe fundamental advantage of ERP is that integrated countless business processes saves time and expense. Management can make decisions faster and with fewer errors. Data becomes visible across the company. Tasks that benefit...


Aseptic technique for bacterial manipulation

IntroductionBacterial manipulation requires a fundamental skill called aseptic technique. This technique insures that no contaminating organism has been introduced into the culture materials as well as the handling tools used to transferred a...

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Diabetic Nephropathy: Causes and Consequences

Our study shows that frequency of nephropathy in patients undergoing diabetic foot amputation is 36.99% displaying that a worsening of kidney function would affect the treatment effect and prognosis of foot ulcers in patients with diabetic foot...

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