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Cleaning Procedure for all glassware

2.4.2 Cleaning Procedure for all glasswareUsing ethanol on a paper tissue to remove any markings and labels.Rinse three times with tap water in washbasin.Rinse three times with milli-q water.Rinse at least three times with 5050 HNO3Milli-Q water...

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Akbar's Kinara Hotel

Akbar's Kinara Hotel is located on G.T Road (N5) Wazirabad Pakistan. We opened our doors in October 14th, 2007. All of our guest suites are tastefully furnished to see that every expectation of comfort, spaciousness and beauty has been fulfilled....

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Technologies and Innovations adopted / to be adopted in sugar firms.

Technologies and Innovations adopted / to be adopted in sugar firmsSugar firms of Mauritius have all relatively kept pace with technological innovations. In the 2015-16 investment programme of Alteo, the Group intends to further consolidate the mill...

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The Green Building Index as is Malaysian first overall rating system

The Green Building Index is means of an environmental rating system for buildings developed by PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia / Malaysian Institute of Architects) and ACEM (the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia). The Green Building...


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