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The conduction of the experiment of the slider crank chain

Sample of CalculationFor table and graph of velocity against angle since all the 3 experiment starting with 45 mm/s, so conclude that we want starting the point with 0. Therefore, we come out with equationX 45 = (new value of velocity (mm/s)At...

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The calculation of vanishing point in the verification of the horizontal edge segments

In this section, the increasing horizontal edge segments are used to calculate the vanishing point (VP) to verify the horizontal edge segments, whether these edges are extracted from stair or any other similar visual patterns such as train line and...

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The Difference of Brix Value of Melon

every fruit had different brix content so it must be wash after every measurement. We got different data as brix in melon flesh (mesocarp) for QTL mapping. After brix measurement data collected small plastic bags and 5ml centrifuge tubes for melon...


Agro Value Chains

Agro value chains have some challenges such as intense competition from overseas, governance of international supermarkets, retailers and buyers and its impact on access to markets the increasing demand for highquality, organic, minimally processed...


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