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The conduction of the experiment of the slider crank chain

Sample of CalculationFor table and graph of velocity against angle since all the 3 experiment starting with 45 mm/s, so conclude that we want starting the point with 0. Therefore, we come out with equationX 45 = (new value of velocity (mm/s)At...

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Challenges to core values: how to deal with it?

Friere (1972) believed that love is an agent of transformation, and should be the foundation of education. He argued that education is the best vehicle to drive love out into the world. As educators, when we bring love into the classroom we...

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Should Beliefs in opposition to common values be illegal?

Marco Serrano Mrs. ShrockEnglish 1130 September 2015Deep ThoughtBeliefs in opposition to common values should be illegal? In my opinion, everyone is their own being with their own individual standpoints. We are all entitled to our own opinion. The...

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What is HDPE?

HDPEHDPE is a bi product of petroleum and finds wide range of medical applications due to large strength to density ratio. It is an inert material with low tissue reactivity [11]. It is malleable and has pores on its surface which can help in tissue...

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