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Application of Nylon – 12 in plastic industry

Nylon-12 has a large number of applications in the fields of plastic industry including the preparation of films and also in the automotive industry to prepare oil- and gasoline-resistant tubes. Other applications include odor-free films in food...


Post result mobile application for SQU students

Figure 3 above describes the framework of post result mobile application for SQU students. The figure illustrates the services that are provided to students including appeal forms and appeal result as appeal operation module. These services can use...


Variants of braking systems

vehicle technology has grown rapidly in recent years, particularly with regard to braking systems and detection systems. The widespread introduction of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) provided the building blocks of a wide variety of brake control...

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An overview on application for deaf and dumb people communication

Project Overview*This is an android biased application which is helpful for deaf and dumb peoples who to communicate with others. The main problem for them is to communicate with a society for that I have made an easily approach for them that might...

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WEB Application Development

WEB application developmentNow a day's web is becoming popular application system as web application does not behave like common programming languages. Comments are getting from programmers of different languages who are complaining about this low...


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